Sang two tracks (Des and Impulse) in the album Before I turn 30 by ChoomBuck. This album was conceived and composed by Prasun Basu


Recently sung in an advertisement jingle for Kalyan Jewellers, filmed on Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and composed by ace ad- jingle maker Rupert Fernandes.

CORPORATE ANTHEMS (For Retailer Big Bazaar)

Sung the Big Bazaar anthem for their annual all-India meet Ai?? Re-imagine (adaptation of John Lennons Imagine) and Jai Ho


Sang a short piece in a feature film Baromaas (yet to be released) for veteran music composer Shri Ravindra Jain.


Appeared in music programmes on Doordarshans Sahyadri channel – Music CafAi?? (episode featuring Begum Parveen Sultanas music) and Bhakti Rang (a programme of Abhangs and Marathi devotional music)


Selected through a music talent hunt organized by Noida-based Wise Media Communications in 2000 to sing in a music album of Sai bhajans Baba Madad KaroAi?? produced by PriyaGold Company


Recorded the title song for a short film Jai Ambe to raise Social Awareness about Dowry deaths. The film is directed by Shri Laxman Singh, an advertising professional (Film yet to be released)



live_performanceVenues where I have performed so far are:

  • Kala Ghoda Make in India Festival – 2016
  • Kabir Festival 2016 (INT Birla Auditorium, Urdu Markaz and Carter Road Amphitheatre)
  • CanSupport at the Lotus Temple, Delhi 2015
  • Malwa Kabir Yatra 2015
  • Kabir Festival 2015 ( at Kitabkhana, Shishuvan School & Urdu Markaz)
  • Lec-Dem on Sufi music for Rotary Club (Mumbai Main) at the Taj hotel – 2016
  • CSSS (Centre for Study of Society & Secularism) at Mumbai University 2016
  • Indian Cultural Foundation at Ramakrishna Mission Auditorium 2015
  • Juhu Hamara Festival at Kaifi Azmi Park (Mumbai) – 2014
  • Umang series at NCPA The Little Theatre (Mumbai) – 2011
  • Nehru Centre Hall of Culture (Mumbai)
  • Inner Courtyard at Y B Chavan Pratishthan ( Mumbai) 2012, 2013, 2014
  • India Habitat Centre (Delhi) – 2013
  • India International Centre (Delhi) – 2012
  • ISKCON ( Mumbai) – 2011
  • Prithvi Theatre (Mumbai) – 2012
  • Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan,Ai?? Chowpatty (Mumbai) 2013
  • Mysore Association Auditorium, Matunga (Mumbai)
  • SPJIMR Auditorium, Bhavans (Mumbai) – 2009
  • IT, BHU (Varanasi) – 2013
  • Chinmaya Naad Bindu, Kolwan
  • Juhu Haveli (Mumbai) 2010 & 2014
  • Prempuri Ashram (Mumbai) 2010, 2011
  • Fort William Club (Kolkata) 2013
  • FICCI Auditorium (Delhi)
  • Ravindra Natya Mandir (Mumbai)

Many of my live performances are woven around themes such as:

Khelo khelo Nandalal at NCPA (2011)

Khelo khelo Nandalal

An ensemble of compositions celebrating the eternal beauty, charm and divinity of Krishna, His playful dancing, Krishna playing holi with the brajwasisAi?? and our quest for Krishna, the eternal saviour.

Ram Ratan Dhan Payo at Juhu Haveli (2014)

Ram Ratan Dhan Payo  at Juhu Haveli (2014)

The divine can be experienced as Saguna (one with form)Ai?? or Nirguna (formless, without any attributes). In this concert, I attempted to explore both these facets of devotion through different musical compositions. The Saguna is eloquently depicted through the poetry ofAi?? Tulsidas, a param-bhakta ofAi?? Lord Rama, the embodiment of Saguna.Ai?? And the Nirguna is richly expressed through the deep yet simple poetry ofAi?? Kabir, Nanak, Bulleh ShahAi?? and Amir Khusro

Dhoon Suni Bhayi Bawariya at IIC, Delhi (2012)

Dhoon Suni Bhayi Bawariya  at IIC, Delhi (2012)

A concert to celebrate the music of yesteryear legend Bai Sundrabai Jadhav

Songs of Holi, Love & Longing at IHC, Delhi (2013)

Songs of Holi, Love & Longing  at IHC, Delhi (2013)

A panorama of compositions some celebrating love and togetherness like the Hori, jhoola, Rasiya, Barahmasa and some expressing the pangs of separation from the beloved like the Kajri and Waris Shahs eternal Heer

Hey Govind Hey Gopal at ISKCON, Mumbai (2011)

Hey Govind Hey Gopal  at ISKCON, Mumbai (2011)

Eternal Songs of Krishna

Sancha Naam Tera at Juhu Haveli (2010)


A journey of devotional musicin the soulful poetry of Brahmanand, Sant Kabir, Tulsidas, Baba Bulleh Shah

Some programmes for womens organizations:

Karwa Chauth for SHAILA WELFARE TRUSTAi?? (2013)


A programme of Punjabi folk songs on the occasion of Karwa Chauth for SHAILA Welfare Trust ( a womens organization engaged in welfare activities in the fields of Health, Education and Vocational Training)

Ganesh Chaturthi for Ai??INDUS (2012)


Performed on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi for INDUS, an association of Indian and American women (and some other nationalities too). Since Ganesh Chaturthi celebrates the cycle of life i.e. what comes must go (Aavahan and Visarjan), the concert included compositions drawn from traditional folk, films and Sufi poetry around this theme.